Other Products

  • Hinge flap single beehive

    Closed flap single beehive

  • Single beehive

    Closed flap single beehive.

  • Single beehive

    Single beehive.

  • Five frame beehive

    5-frame beehive: it is used for scion-roots, for bee queens' fertilization.

  • 6-frame beehive

    6-frame beehive: it is used for the bee queens' fertilization, the scion-roots and the weak bees' winter survival.

  • 8-frame single beehive

    8-frame single beehive; the 8-frame beehives are used for fast bee-breeding. They can be equipped with second and third floors quicker than the 10-frame beehives; they are easier and lighter during bees' loading and unloading. Their disadvantage is that they need to be placed at a good location so that they will not fall down and greater attention is needed during the absconding period, due to the limited space.

  • 8-frame beehive

    8-frame beehive.

  • Beehive

  • Triple-deep hive

    Triple-deep hive: it is used for the bee queens' fertilization. Moreover, the bee queens can be kept there until needed.

  • Non removable beehive with ventilated bottom board

    Non removable beehive with ventilated bottom board. The beehives with ventilated bottom board have a lot of advantages; during transportation due to their additional ventilation, during winter they enable better air circulation, which protects the bees from humidity, quicker honey maturity, control the mite varroa. In cases of Anti-varroa medicines, many varroa get dizzy but some come back to the bees later, while when using the ventilated bottom board they fall to the ground and are not able to re-enter the hive. In case of ventilated bottom board, we can have a smaller entrance, as long as we have additional ventilation beneath in order for the bee cluster to use fewer bees for the safekeeping of the beehives.